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IBI winner for December is announced

When science educators Stephen Harris and Marissa Bellino held weekend field research sessions around New York City for public high-school students, every student in the class would show up, and even kids who performed poorly in other classes did excellent work.

"It was all about giving them the right space to work and getting them excited," said Harris, who explains that the students did actual scientific research, collecting biological samples locally and then subjecting them to microbiological research techniques.

IBI winner for November is announced

Students in Valerie Foster's lower-division biology course have a genuine interest in doing their class research projects. Experiencing the raging hormones associated with being in their late teens and early twenties, the students are delighted to explore the subject of human mate preference. Harnessing that keen interest, Foster helps her students to explore published studies on the topic, develop their own hypotheses, conduct an experiment and communicate their results in a scientific paper or poster.

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